Value Creation of Happiness

“A partner pursuing human health, beauty and happiness”
Found in July 2007, we, Well-Being Health Pharm, are manufacturing and selling our own and OEM/ ODM products, mainly skin-care and beauty products, based upon advanced technologies and know-hows.

Based upon various skin-care, beauty and consumer products including Gounbal and Gounson, killer products leading the industry, and OEM products, such as the Chinese brand “Qihou,” we are doing our best to get our customers’ confidence and make better products.

In addition, we have endlessly concentrated on R&D to develop new products and make the best cosmetic items, such as mask packs made with adipose stem cell-conditioned media through technical partnership with a stem cell research company named Maria Biotech. Similarly, we are extending our capacity and exporting our products to foreign countries.

We will be a reliable partner for our customers pursuing human health, beauty and happiness.