Yeppeun-Eolgul Mask Pack

Technical partnership with a stem cell research institute owning a world patent For in-house education

Yeppeun-Eolgul Mask Pack

Yeppeun-Eolgul Mask Pack

For in-house education

Technical partnership with a stem cell research institute owning a world patent

Three kinds of collagen, aloe and cucumber


Yeppeun-Eolgul Mask Pack

Product Features
Yeppeun-Eolgul Stem Cell Mask Pack is a high-quality mask pack which promotes elasticity, nutrition, soothing and moisture charging by adding the efficacy of adipose-derived stem cell- conditioned media ingredients, collagen, aloe and cucumber and improving functions of skin cells.

  What is the stem cell- conditioned media?

Stem cells are cells that can proliferate by themselves and differentiate to various cells.
Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells using human tissues cause no ethical problems and they include fat, bone marrow and cord blood stem cells.
The Yeppeun-Eolgul Mask Pack is produced with liposomes of adipose-derived stem cell- conditioned media ingredients made using cell growth factors secreted from adipose-derived stem cells, extracellular matrix protein (ECM), antioxidant enzyme and cytokine in accordance with the strict safety standards of the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety to be easily absorbed into skin.

Cell growth factors – Strengthen functions of skin, including collagen synthesis and skin regeneration with ingredients of VEGF, FGF, HGF and TGF-β.
Extracellular matrix protein (ECM) – Contain collagen, fibronectin, laminin, hyaluronic acid and elastin to promote skin moisturizing, hydration, elasticity and flexibility and strengthen a cell to cell bonding ability.
Cytokine – As protein secreted from immune cells, cytokine plays important roles for immunity, recovery of skin tissues and growth of cells.
Antioxidant enzyme – Prevent skin aging through controlling creation of free oxygen radicals which damage skin and preventing cell membranes from being hardened.

Maria Biotech, which signed a MOU with Well-Being Health Pharm, is an excellent research institute holding a global patent for stem cells.
All Ingredients

Snail slime : Mucin, a snail mucilage filtrate, keeps moisture in the skin and prevents evaporation. It is characterized by the chondroitin ingredient in the mucin that moisturizes the skin and calms the skin, which is weakened by external stimuli.

Hyaluronic acid : Hyaluronic acid is an organic matter that is formed in the body, and when it gets older, it becomes dry, and wrinkles occur. It supports collagen and elastin, the elasticity of the skin, and nourishes the skin tissue.
How to use

1. After washing your face clearly, open the zipper and take out one of the 6-piece mask.
2. Spread the mask evenly over the entire face.
3. Remove the mask from the face 20 ~ 30 minutes after close contact.
4. After removing the mask, if the contents remain on the face, tap it lightly to absorb completely.