Job Posting

Job Posting

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Make applications if only you have a passion and ambition.

We invite people who want to achieve dreams together.

Year-round employment is available on the internet site and regular employment is available just for a specific period of time.

We mainly evaluate applicants’ basic practical business ability, professional knowledge and work performance. We also evaluate their job aptitude and organizational adaptability. Applicants for the design part should bring their portfolio.

An interview type varies according to duties, which will be notified according to job roles in advance. In case of regular official or occasional job openings, recruiting procedures will be notified on our website.

Step 1

Job application

Step 2

Document screening

Step 3


Step 4

Announcement of successful candidates

Download the application form, fill in and email it to the person in charge.

Information about HR Manager

Information about HR Manager Kim Tae-Oh | Inquiries about Recruitment 070-753-4508 | Inquiry by Fax 032-614-4408 | HR Manager E-mail