Since starting ODM manufacturing for the brand “Qihou,” (China) in 2015,
we have been providing the highest-quality products, such as the Andromeda premium mask pack series made in 2016,
to clients through advanced technology and manufacturing and production systems.
We will certainly repay with products meeting your needs.

Hospital / Pharmacy Distribution

We have distributed skin-care cosmetics and functional beauty products to hospitals and pharmacies across the nation by forming nationwide distribution networks.
We have distributed and sold our products, including Gounbal foot creams, in about 70% of drug stores across the nation.

General Distribution

Entered a cosmetics market targeting people in their 20s and 30s
As we have developed and released new products, including mask packs, skin-care items, serums and essence, you can buy our cosmetics through various distribution channels.

Overseas Export

Based on good reputations for quality obtained in the domestic market, we have broadened its capacity to enter overseas markets, such as China, Japan and Vietnam.
We promise that we will deovte all of our energies to international trade to become a promising company where tomorrow is brighter than today.
Overseas buyer exhibition and
business meeting